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Start Ups

Got a great idea for a new Fluid Power start up and need cash, guidance, support and mentoring?


It can be a daunting and high risk prospect to start a business from cold. Not only does it need a solid idea but finance, strategy and resources to give any new business the best chance of success.

The Hydraquip Team can help you assess your idea, plan and be crystal clear on what support and investment can be offered.


A clear, crisp and well defined business plan is essential, we can guide you through the process to make sure all factors are considered, realistic and achievable. Don’t worry if you do not have this complete. Part of the process before Hydraquip can invest will be to work through the targets, costs, strategy, customer base, supply chain and the product or service offering. We know what makes a new Fluid Power business work and can be a partner in this journey.



Hydraquip can add instant credibility to any new start up with a substantial national customer base, supply chain from around the world, strong finances, sales and marketing support, plus a clear ambition and desire to drive any new business forward and commit resources to accelerate growth. When we partner with a new business start up you are not alone.



In today’s world it is essential to comply and meet regulations and all aspects of safety. The Hydraquip team have extensive experience of Insurance, Health and Safety, Employment Law, IT Infrastructure, Ecommerce, Tax and Company Formation and ensure all the details are thought through from the beginning leaving you to focus on delivering the products and services to maximise the opportunity.


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