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As a leading manufacturer and innovator of bespoke hose assemblies for the DC market since 2010 we offer proven ranges of CDU hose connections that are 100% inspected and pressure tested prior to leaving our UK manufacturing plants.

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Benefits of a stainless steel hose assembly

   –   Long life expectancy

   –   High temperature rating

   –   Vibration reduction

   –   Fire resistant

The use of a stainless-steel hose provides a number of benefits amongst which it can compensate for movement of rigid pipework or fixed components, or it can be used for ease of installation or the alteration of a circuit.

Another benefit is the reduction of noise transmission along solid pipework which can be reduced by the inclusion of a hose assembly.

For larger bore applications we offer our UK made full metal flexible assemblies which have the following features.

  • Full stainless-steel construction, inner core and wire over-braid
  • Hygienic or ANSI flanges
  • DN25 to DN250
  • Custom lengths to suit
  • 100% pressure tested
  • With short lead times or scheduled deliveries

The full stainless-steel construction of the Hydraflex stainless steel assmblies is that it offers strength and durabilty with end connections being welded and every hose is 100% tested prior to leaving the factory. The hoses are available as convoltuted liner only (unbraided), single and double over braided liner depending on the working parameters required for each application.

A popular choice for CDU connections are hygienic and ANSI flanges in stainless steel with the ANSI flanges availbe as fixed or swivel flanges. The hygienic flanges are available up to 4″ (DN100) and the ANSI flanges available up to 12″ (DN300).

To assist the end user Hydraflex manufactures the assemblies to the exact requirement for the project rather than offer stock lengths only. This flexibility also extends to the combination of fittings including stepped sizes.

In order to fully assist OEMs bespoke end connections are also available when an off the shelf item is not the best solution and a unique approach is required.

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