Hydraflex Metal Hose & Bellows


Hydraflex’s flexible braided rubber hoses supplied via an Australian distributor have been selected for use throughout the three main commercial towers of the prestigious Barangaroo development on Sydney’s harbourside (known as International Towers, Sydney).

In excess of 30,000 flexible hoses are scheduled for supply to this 270,000 square metre NLA project over a total of 127 floor levels, representing the single largest flexible hose supply contract in Australian history. The project will use stainless steel overbraided EPDM hose assemblies of the Oxy Stop type, in lengths of 800mm and 600mm.

Hydraflex’s Australian distributor worked closely with NDY and the Client throughout the 2-year design process to develop a solution that provides excellent performance in conjunction with the TROX active and passive type chilled beams that are used throughout the project. Hydraflex undertook project-specific testing to determine torque settings as requested by the client. The Hydraflex hose selected is suitable for water transportation where low oxygen permeability is required and satisfies the requirements of the relevant standard DIN4726. Hydraflex’s flexible braided rubber hoses via the Australian distributor were chosen because of it’s significant and successful application in the Australian market, for it’s proven suitability with chilled beam systems where low oxygen ingression is required and because of the 10-year extended warranty that is provided with the product.

For enquiries and technical information on the range of flexible braided rubber hose assemblies contact Hydraflex Plumbing & Cooling Hoses on T: 0845 260 4334 or E: [email protected]

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