Hydraflex Metal Hose & Bellows

8” NB Heavy Duty Double Braided Stainless Steel Metal Hose Assemblies For High End Car Manufacturer’s Paint Shop

  • Hydraquip’s Metal Hose Division Designs Solution For 11 Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Large Bore Stainless Steel Hose Assemblies With Flanged Ends
  • Providing Reduced Costs and Downtime For The Customer

PUBLISHED BY: Amelia Cregan PUBLISHED: 25th February 2019

Hydraquip’s Metal Hose Division were invited to come up with a solution for the installation of 11 plate heat exchangers for a paint shop at a high end large car manufacturer.

The job specification required the major alteration of 8” NB (nominal bore) pipework to fit to the new plate heat exchangers, this would prove costly and would involve extensive downtime which the car manufacturer simply could not factor in, therefore alternative solutions were looked into. The technical team at Hydraquip’s Metal Hose Division looked into a solution which would provide the end user with the shortest amount of downtime and would adhere to the technical scope provided. This meant overcoming a number of challenges to ensure both the heat exchange manufacturer and the end client were happy with the proposal and specified Hydraquip’s Metal Hose Division for the job.

The technical team looked into manufacturing large bore hose assemblies which had to comply with the end user’s specification of working to a high pressure and temperature, with the challenge of setting the pipework at an awkward offset position. This would replace the initial job specification of altering the existing fixed pipework on site which would itself open up additional factors to consider. By manufacturing each of the large bore stainless steel hose assemblies with flanged ends, it would allow the car manufacturer to have the hose assemblies installed in much less time, which would result in less downtime and reduced costs.

The technical team at Hydraquip’s Metal Hose Division worked closely with the heat exchanger company and the client. They provided full on site technical support and were able to converse technically with all parties, plus provided full working drawings prior to manufacturing the hose assemblies to ensure they met all the technical requirements of the client.

Having overcome the initial challenges the car manufacturer was faced with, downtime and cost, 44 x 8” large bore hoses at 1.5 metres long, capable of withstanding high pressure and temperature at an awkward offset were commissioned to be manufactured at Hydraquip’s technical manufacturing facility in Northampton. They were manufactured in the time scale provided and sent to the contractor ready for them to install the hose assemblies to the plate heat exchangers within the paint shop.

Should you require a hose solution for any application, please contact either one of Hydraquip Metal Hose Division’s locations in Bolton or Northampton.