Hydraflex Plumbing & Cooling

A Cooling Hose Solution

With a wide and diverse customer base the Hydraquip Group are often called upon to provide a hose solution for a specific application. A recent enquiry from an OEM customer had the need for a very flexible hose that could withstand both positive and negative pressure water and be capable of regular movement whilst retaining its structural integrity. To put the emphasis on quality the hoses were to be used in a data centre cooling system, where any failure would be both catastrophic and very costly.

Part of the brief was that the cooling system the customer manufactured and installed was a market leader and as such any ancillary components needed to be both capable of performing well but also that they looked complimentary when installed, such was the case with this hose requirement.

In conjunction with the customer Hydraquip looked at the various options available on the market and quickly came to the conclusion that this particular project required a purpose built hose that would meet all the demands required of it. Along with the hose extruder the trio worked in developing the perfect hose solution that would meet and exceed the pre requisites of this and similar applications that would follow.

The final solution was a silicone hose with permanently swaged end fittings that could with minor additions of adaptors allow a standard range of assemblies to fit 99% of all applications. Since the initial enquiry and subsequent solution, hundreds of finished assemblies have been supplied to prestigious data centres around the world complimenting the fitted cooling system.

The picture shows a typical installation with a number of units having been fitted with Hydraquip hoses in a University data centre. In addition to the aesthetics of the coloured hoses the red and blue allows for tracking of the water circuitry with ease.

To discuss this or any other hose requirement Hydraquip Braided Hose Division can be contacted on 0845 260 4334 or email Commercial Director Geoff Kelley at [email protected]