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Benefits of using a Stainless Braided Plumbing Hose

Benefits of using a Stainless braided plumbing hose

When fitting a braided plumbing hose in a residential or commercial property it is essential to consider the quality of the materials as not all hoses are equal and not all Stainless Steel braided hoses are equal.

The cost of a catastrophic failure is huge as water flooding can cause serious damage to the fabric of a building and the contents. The cost of a replacement hose, and the hassle of installing the replacement, pail  into insignificance compared to the damage caused Good quality Braided stainless-steel hoses are one answer to this predicament and it is essential to check the credentials of the manufacturer of the product.

Over-braided steel hoses paired with inner EPDM tubing provide an ability to provide safe long lasting solutions.

Benefits of using a Stainless braided plumbing hose
Benefits of using a Stainless Braided Plumbing Hose

Here are 7 benefits of braided steel hoses.

1.  Enhanced Durability and Longevity

The stainless braid provides a combination of protection and reinforcement meaning a correctly installed stainless braided hose can be expected to last and provide a robust pipework from hard pipework to an appliance, valve or tap.     

Stainless steel braided hoses offer many improvements over traditional PVC and other hose types. Combining an EPDM rubber inner with a robust, braided stainless-steel woven outer layer which provides improved abrasion-resistant properties across an extended temperature range.

Braided hoses are generally much more flexible and resistant to kinking. Generally the Braid is 304 stainless steel – the most used type worldwide, However beware of lower grades which are prone to corrosion and premature failure. 340 Stainless Steel provides the best balance durability, cost  and longevity.  In certain project specific applications can demand 316 Stainless steel for higher levels of corrosion resistance.

2. Increased Flexibility and Ease of Use

Typically, hoses are less durable than people expect. They come under increased strain when stretched out flat, not allowing for flexible movement as liquids or air flow through them under various pressures and flow levels.

Hosing installers must remain cognisant of critical aspects such as the minimum bend radii, ensuring smooth hose curves, and other specifics to avoid a post-installation burst hose.

Braided hose installation options are greater due to increased flexibility over Plastic  or Metal pipes. They bend and curve, as required, to fit inside tighter spaces, such as under a kitchen sink or in a compact commercial space. Indeed, obstacles that normally prevent the safe installation of other pipe types don’t stop braided hoses and speed up installation

3. Higher Pressure Tolerance

Durable braided stainless steel wire is transformed into protective reinforcement. This provides the strength to withstand pressure. Most plumbing hoses are rated up to 10 Bar which far exceeds most water plumbing applications so have a built in safety factor

Braided hoses have various options available, including the choices of different end fittings from Hydraflex. These might include valved compression, Male and Female sized connectors, or John Guest Speed fit for commercial HVAC, and residential heating and plumbing systems.

4. Wide Range of Sizes and Applications

Using braided hoses is not restricted to one purpose or industry. They’re versatile enough to withstand fluid transfer at high-pressure and to be used within more complex systems 

Hoses range in diameter and size. With bore sizes from 6mm up to 50mm Internal Dimensions.  A wide range of fittings are available including BSP Taper Male, BSP Swivel Female, COmpression Fittings, Standpipes and Pushfit.  Bespoke fittings are produced for OEM and Special applications. The majority of fittings used for plumbing hoses are Brass or High QUality Plastics.

5. Temperature and Corrosion Resistance

Hydraflex sells different types of braided hose, each with unique specifications to manage certain tolerances. Broadly speaking, our braided stainless steel plumbing hoses may support pressure levels up to 10 BAR and temperature variances from approximately -10°C to +85°C (higher non-sustained peak levels).

Different circumstances and situations alter the above. For example:

  • Braided hoses used for plumbing systems must withstand different temperatures for cold and hot H2O.
  • Water supply service pipework requires certain hoses to manage varied pressure levels.
  • Compression fittings are sometimes needed. This reduces pressure tolerances.
  • Hose installation at elevation requires management of thermal expansion of the liner.
  • Isolating vibrations, with a specialised installation setup, modify tolerances across the board to compensate.
  • Withstanding potentially corrosive substances is another supported segment of the market. Certain braided hoses are constructed to support this.

6. Safety and Reliability

Durable design and construction give Hydraflex braided hoses a better safety record. Burst pressure is substantially increased due to stronger woven stainless-steel construction.

Hydraquip has WRAS approval for Drinking Water hoses as well our hoses were tested for BSRIA compliances on two occasions: 1997 and 2004. Some of our hoses also meet the WRAS-approved standard. We use various types of stainless steel for our braided hoses, including 304L, 316L, and 321. These adhere to several UK ISO standards, e.g., ISO standard 10380.

7. Aesthetic Appeal

The stainless steel construction with its braided appearance is certainly more aesthetically pleasing than bare, coloured PVC pipes. This is especially true in public settings where the pipe is above ground and visible.

When a hose isn’t hidden behind an installation or in a utility room, a braided stainless steel hose is far more visually appealing.


Hydraquip Plumbing Hoses are safe and proven as a long term solution to reduce installation costs and provide a quick and easy final connection for hard pipework.

An ability to have custom hoses for specific applications means there needs to be no compromise on selection, and our technical team are here to help specify the right product

Every braided hose installation requires careful planning and clear specifications.

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Our Download Guide on braided hoses offers detailed information about this product type. Also, this Basic Guide might be useful too.