Hydraflex Metal Hose & Bellows

Celebrating 30 years as a UK manufacturer of fan coil hoses

Established UK manufacturer
Quality assured meeting the BSRIA BG4/2004 Flexible Hose Standard
Designed to reduce noise and vibration
Flexible and suitable for LTHW and chilled water systems
Global supply

Established Manufacturer

In 1993, Hydraflex, formerly Hydraquip Braided Hose Division, started producing stainless steel over braided flexible rubber hose assemblies for fan coil applications in the UK H&V market. In the subsequent years, the company has continued with an emphasis on quality. It has been using the same tried and tested rubber hose supplier, ensuring a continuation of quality and assurance for our customers. 

This approach is mirrored by the original 1990s customers who still place regular purchase orders, still confident in a product we have put our name to for over three decades.

Quality assured

There was a period when flexible fan coil rubber hose assemblies were getting bad press due to several factors, but mainly down to their suitability for H&V applications being questioned. Quite correctly, in some cases, as frequently lighter grade flexible plumbing hoses (tap flexibles) had been supplied for commercial applications, with cost savings often the driving force behind the decision. This resulted in a number of premature failures being reported. 

Realising the negative perception that was growing amongst potential users, Hydraflex commissioned the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) to carry out suitable testing in the mid-1990s, with subsequent testing in 2004. From this came the BSRIA BG4/2004 Flexible Hoses Standard which requires rubber hoses to have a life expectancy of 10 years. 

This testing by an industry-recognised association was a turning point for the (fan coil) hose industry, with Hydraflex customers and users at all levels having the evidence that what they would be fitting would perform well and last a reasonable amount of time.

Designed to reduce noise and vibration

Hydraflex fan coil hoses have been manufactured in the same way since the launch for the H&V sectors with a peroxide cured EPDM rubber liner over braided with a 304 stainless steel wire braid providing the core of the assembly. This is turned into a usable assembly with heavy duty brass fittings secured by hydraulically swaged stainless steel ferrules. 

Flexible & Suitable

Hydraflex fan coil hoses provide flexibility that eases installation challenges and can compensate for small movement in pipework with the added benefit of allowing for misalignment in rigid pipework. With a temperature range of -20°C + 85°C they are suitable for chilled water when fitted with Class O insulation in addition to use on LTHW systems. 

To meet with customer expectations and to be able to offer the reassurance of the product quality, the assemblies have a working pressure with a 4:1 safety factor across the range, ensuring they meet the operating parameters of a typical fan coil system.


Although our customers are primarily UK based, our hoses have also been supplied and installed across the continents, with known projects in France, Malaysia, Bahrain, Australia and the Falkland Islands, to name a few.

Contact us at [email protected] if you require any additional information on quality EPDM rubber fan coil hoses or any other hose that we may be able to offer from the ranges listed on our website.