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From very early on, Hydraflex recognised the need for quality braided hoses for building service applications. From this point on the company set out their minimum standards with Hydraflex’s Building Services hoses originally BSRIA tested in 1997 and again in 2004 ensuring that customers are provided with the recognised high quality hoses they require. 20 years on, Hydraflex Plumbing & Cooling Hoses has grown to become the largest UK manufacturer of bespoke braided hose assemblies with customers across the UK and overseas.

The Rubber Building Services Hoses are made of EPDM Rubber with a Stainless Steel Overbraid. They can be used for more demanding applications such as building services, fan coils, ceiling applications, heating, plumbing and anti vibration due to a stronger, higher specification of materials together with higher quality end connections than those used in similar Tap Flexible hoses. This creates a much sturdier hose assembly which allows for a maximum working temperature of up to 110°C and 20 bar maximum working pressure. These hoses are offered in bore sizes up to 2″ and made to measure lengths with a choice of end connections, such as the traditional threaded male and female fittings, compression fittings and pushfit – available in several materials. Hydraflex can also offer more uncommon end fittings, such as female elbows, standpipes and Tectites. An optional addition to our Rubber Building Services Hoses, which can be added to any assembly, is Class O Armaflex Insulation which is vapour sealed in all sizes and capped on hoses up to 1″ bore and taped above.

For applications where a high temperature or pressure are a priority, Hydraflex offer Stainless Steel Building Services Hoses with a Convoluted Stainless Steel Core and Stainless Steel Overbraid which are suitable for a large number of applications such as water, oils, chemicals, air, steam and gases. These hoses are available unbraided, single braided or double braided depending on the required working parameters, with traditional threaded and flanged end connections in either mild steel or stainless steel. The end fittings are welded onto the hoses using weld collars to produce an extremely solid hose which allows it to withstand temperatures between -200°C and +600°C, and maximum working pressures up to 50 bar. Available on a made to measure service and in bore sizes up to 8″, there is a wide range of hoses to suit most requirements, all available on short lead times.

Common factors which can lead to premature failure of a hose includes sharp bends, tension, inappropriate end fittings, exposure to chemicals and when the maximum working temperature limits are frequently exceeded. A common fault which leads to hose failure is when Tap Flexible Hoses are used in Building Service applications, causing the hoses to wear and damage much more quickly and having to be replaced more frequently due to the materials of construction being of a lower standard than the Building Services Hoses. Whereas Hydraflex’s Building Services Hoses have a minimum life expectancy of 10 years at the maximum working parameters and a longer life when not exposed to these extremities.

Hydraflex are here to help with trained and knowledgeable staff who can offer technical advice on all of their hose assemblies and can advise which hose assemblies are suitable for your application.

For more information please contact us on T: 0845 260 4334 or E: [email protected]

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