Hydraflex Metal Hose & Bellows

HQ Mapress Range

HYDRAQUIP have introduced the popular MAPRESS fittings on hose assemblies. This range is exclusively available to HYDRAQUIP in the U.K with either a stainless steel or EPDM rubber core.

Versatile, Tight and Durable…
The press connection system can be installed in many applications taking on even the extreme high pressures, which normal fittings would fail to do.

The straightforward effortless process allows the fitting to fit like a glove on components, a quick and easy system that now has the added benefit of the flexibility of a hose for final alignment or to take up any system vibration or expansion.

With both Copper and Stainless Steel in stock, HYDRAQUIP can offer you options for different applications, such as water, gas and fuels. Already accepted and approved in a number of industries the addition of a hose ranges offers additional solutions and applications.

Ex – Stock
The HQ MAPRESS range is stocked in standard lengths with bespoke assemblies manufactured and despatched on short lead times in a range of sizes.