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As the UK’s largest manufacturer of bespoke braided hose assemblies, Hydraflex recognise the importance of supplying the correct type of hose for a variety of industries. As demand and awareness has increased, Hydraflex have broadened their product base and manufacture a variety of WRAS Approved Hoses in three types of tube each with their own target market.

Hydraflex’s most popular range of WRAS approved hoses are their stainless steel overbraided, WRAS approved EPDM rubber hose, which has a smoother bore than standard EPDM rubber to lessen the build up of bacteria and the ability to be used in applications where potable water is present. These WRAS hose assemblies, which also meet the BSRIA specifications, are available in bore sizes up to 1. A large choice of end fittings such as traditional threaded males, females, female elbows and pushfits are available as well as being part of Hydraflex’s made to measure service where hoses can be made to order to suit most requirements. Prior to WRAS introducing their guidelines for WRAS approved hose assemblies, Hydraflex saw the need to differentiate these hoses from standard EPDM assemblies and so began to add a red fleck in the braiding and markings on the WRAS stainless steel ferrules that are used. By doing this, Hydraflex’s hose assemblies already incorporated many of the requirements later needed for a WRAS approved hoses and now fully comply with these regulations.

For catering applications, Hydraflex offer the market leading Aquavend hose range which is available in bore sizes up to 1″ and is part of their made to measure service. With a wipe clean finish and no dust build up, the WRAS approved polyester elastomer tube, textile braid and white PVC cover of these hose assemblies are suited to most catering applications such as vending, water coolers, ice machines and water softeners, and are available with a choice of plastic and brass end fittings. This type of hose can also be used in hospital and Health Service environments.

In the UK Health Service where rubber is not accepted, an alternative to EPDM hoses are Hydraflex’s WRAS approved PEX (Cross Linked Polythene) lined stainless steel overbraided hoses. The UK Health Service issued the Estates & Facilities Alert DH (2010) 03, highlighting the potential weaknesses of EPDM hoses in certain applications. To offer an alternative Hydraflex can manufacture hose assemblies with a stainless steel overbraided PEX (Cross Linked Polythene) tube, which are again available on a made to measure service with a choice of plastic or brass end fittings including threaded, compression and monobloc. The properties of PEX make it an option when considering hoses for hospitals and health centres giving managers the confidence and knowledge that these hoses meet the required standard. Another benefit of Hydraflex’s PEX range is the flexibility when compared to other similar types of hose which are often marketed as PEX but are a cheaper alternative.

All of Hydraflex’s hoses and WRAS approved hoses are available on short lead times, with some stock items being shipped on the day of purchase. As well as WRAS approved hoses for drinking water, Hydraflex Plumbing & Cooling Hoses can also offer a wide variety of hoses for heating, plumbing, oils, gases and steam, to name a few, including nitrile and stainless steel convoluted hose assemblies.

For WRAS approved hoses or flexible braided rubber enquiries, please contact Hydraflex at Rochester on T: 0845 260 4334 or E:[email protected]

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