Liquid Cooling

Quick Couplings in Liquid Cooling Systems

Quick Couplings in Liquid Cooling Systems

Quick Couplings in Liquid Cooling Systems

  • Benefits of Quick Couplings in Data Centre (DC) applications 
  • The science behind the DataCool liquid cooling couplings
  • Inbuilt security by design
  • Continuous development with customers and the wider market

Benefits of Quick Disconnect Couplings for Liquid Cooling

Hydraflex work in partnership with CEJN to offer a full range of quick connect/disconnect couplings for liquid cooling applications that complement the company’s DataCool range of products. A recognised Global supplier of couplings, CEJN products are in use in a wide cross-section of industries, providing secure connections in various sizes from DN06.

These couplings can be used as part of a rigid liquid cooling system or in conjunction with the DataCool Silicone hose assemblies to provide an efficient quick connect/disconnect function, which can be used to reduce commissioning and set up time as against a threaded connection, especially in confined spaces.

The available couplings in the Hydraflex DataCool ranges range from full bore unrestricted flow couplings for applications that only require the quick connect facility and the need for non-spill isn’t an issue, up to the low pressure drop non-spill range of ultraFLOW couplings.

In addition to the larger size QRs, there is the range of Universal Quick Disconnect (UQD) couplings suitable for use on Rack Manifolds.

Quick Couplings in Liquid Cooling Systems
Quick Couplings in Liquid Cooling Systems

The science behind the DataCool liquid cooling couplings range

There are several designs of liquid cooling systems that have proven effective, with developments in this area continuing at a pace. Common solutions in which liquids are used for cooling include single-phase and two-phase direct-to-chip liquid cooling and immersive cooling (also known as submerged cooling or open-bath cooling). There are also rear-door heat exchangers where the air is used for component cooling, but liquids are used for air temperature management.

Regardless of the choice of liquid cooling solution, quick couplings play an essential role in facilitating maintenance and making the system as efficient as possible with a coupling available for all applications.

Important Considerations 

Five important features to consider when choosing the right quick-connect coupling for your liquid cooling applications.

Quick Couplings in Liquid Cooling Systems
Quick Couplings in Liquid Cooling Systems

1. Optimal flow with low pressure drop

Maintaining the optimal flow through the liquid cooling system is one of the most important factors. The components should cause as little pressure drop as possible, or this will put extra stress on the pumps. 

2. Non-drip (also non-spill, dry-break and clean-break)

Most of the time, water and electronics do not mix. The consequences can be devastating. You should always go for non-drip quick couplers designed for clean connection and disconnection.

3. Compact outer dimensions

The less space that an electronic installation occupies, the more value it offers. If it is a server rack, you might be able to fit more servers in an already crowded server room. 

4. Long-term reliability

One challenge to the reliability of many non-drip couplers is if they have not been used in a long time. Make sure that the couplings are tested for both frequent and infrequent use.

5. Compatible materials

The cooling fluid needs to be compatible with the seal material to ensure a long service life and leak-free operation.

Inbuilt security by design

Quick Couplings in Liquid Cooling Systems
Quick Couplings in Liquid Cooling Systems

The failure of a coupling in a liquid cooling system can be catastrophic, with the emphasis being on prevention from the initial selection process. CEJN Quick Couplings are more than just a mechanical connection, with large amounts of time and money put into research and development into achieving supreme performance. 

In addition to the stringent quality control during the manufacturing process, additional security options are also available on the ranges, from colour coding to locking pin release mechanisms. Additional features may also be available for larger volume requirements.

Continuous development with customers and the wider market

Since the Hydraflex’s introduction into the liquid cooling market, we have supplied thousands of DataCool hose assemblies which are currently in operation on liquid cooling systems in Data Centres around the six continents. A key part of this success has been the continual consultations held between Hydraflex and our customers to gain better understanding on industry requirements and product capabilities, which also applies to the entire DataCool product range including the quick connect couplings

In addition to the standard ranges, larger volume users can benefit from the personalisation of products to meet their own requirements more closely.

Geoff Kelley, Commercial Director, or any of the team at Hydraflex Plumbing and Cooling Hoses Division can be contacted at your convenience for any further information on the DataCool Silicone hose assemblies or any other products in our DC ranges. 

(Thanks to CEJN for additional content used above.)

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