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Silicone Hoses for Liquid Cooling systems in Data Centres

  • Benefits of DataCool Silicone in Data Centre (DC) applications 
  • The science behind a Data Cool Silicone hose
  • Inbuilt security by design
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  • Continuous development with our customers

Hoses in DC liquid cooling systems are frequently required to offer movement in several directions especially when fitted to rear door cooler cabinets (RDC) which has historically required the inclusion of a swivel joint connected to the end of a hose to allow the required movements. This often proved a potential leakage point with failures recorded in numerous sites. 

DataCool Silicone hose was designed and developed by Hydraflex in conjunction with a UK OEM with a Global customer base for their DC cooling systems to get away from yesterday’s thinking for today’s data centres. 

Key to the development of the DataCool hose was an understanding of the expectations from an OEM perspective and that of the actual operator of the system after it was installed. Only after close consultation and deep examination of the liquid cooling sector was it possible to develop a product that exceeded expectations.

Benefits of Silicone Data Cool Hoses in Data Centre applications

The unique design of the DataCool Silicone hoses permit it to provide flexibility in two directions, lateral flexing, and torsion flexing, the second of these takes away the need for the inclusion of a swivel joint in a liquid cooling circuit connected to RDC cabinets (image ii).

Low bend radii offered by the Data Cool hoses make it a designers dream when looking for neat and compact routing of the hoses to the fixed pipe or connections (image iii).

Suitable for vacuum and pressure

The unique design of DataCool hose also enables them to be used on both positive pressure and negative pressure systems alike without any compromise of performance.

Mechanical and material benefits over EPDM

In addition to offering mechanical performance benefits over traditional hoses, such as EPDM, the material benefits of silicone bring a wide range of advantages that make the Data Cool hoses an industry leader for the liquid cooling sector. Flexibility is key, as I mentioned already but worth mentioning again, heat resistance, durability, suitable for positive and negative pressure systems are some of the other advantages that silicone offers. 

Performance in a fire situation

Another important benefit is what silicone brings when it is subjected to flames. In the unfortunate event of a fire normal silicone rubber will burn but does not give off toxic gases (including halogens) and has an ignition temperature of around 450°C/842°F. The fumes given off are also much less dense and tend to be white (silica) rather than the black fumes given off by other (black) rubbers.

Inbuilt security by design

The failure of a hose in any DC application would be catastrophic and is one of the reasons that DataCool hoses are designed to minimise risks and provide users with confidence. So, from the start of the product development this was key in the direction of the process from construction of the hose to the final inspection prior to supply with every assembly individually pressure tested and registered prior to release to the customer. 

DataCool DN25 assemblies (1” bore) have a theoretical burst pressure of 40 bar, with a typical system operating between 2 bar to 5 bar, effectively offering an 8:1 safety factor. This is achieved by the construction and layers of the hose plus the design of the hydraulically crimped end connections. 

Continuous development with our customers

As important as the design of the Hydraflex Silicone DataCool assemblies is understanding how the OEMs and their customers, connect the hoses, the required performance along with the potential pit falls that any decision can make. Regular and open consultation enables us to offer the best solutions for each application from a choice of lengths, end connections to colour coding that allows for full traceability of a circuit and my controlling the manufacturing process fully tailored alterations can be carried out as per an individual’s requirements.

Since its inception in 2011 thousands of DataCool hose assemblies are currently in operation on liquid cooling systems in Data Centres around the six continents. Geoff Kelley, Commercial Director, or any of the team at Hydraflex Plumbing and Cooling Hoses Division can be contacted at your convenience for any further information on the DataCool Silicone hose assemblies or any other products in our DC ranges. 

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