Andy Payne

Andy Payne

Technical Consultant

2017 - Present – Technical Consultant at Hydraflex Plumbing and Cooling Division

2015 – Air Conditioning Sales at Fercell Engineering

2008 – Sales Executive at Pipe Solutions

I have worked within the hose industry for several years now, I spent seven years with Pipe Solutions. This is where I learnt the key foundations of the product and services. I then moved onto   Fercell Engineering Ltd in Aylesford, within their ducting and piping sales team. 

Using the product and technical knowledge gained at Pipe Solutions I joined Hydraflex, who I was famailier with, as they were a supplier of Pipe Solutions. As a Technical Consultant I am responsible for maintaining our customer base, opening large accounts and working on larger, more complex technical jobs than I ever have before. When customers approach Hydraflex with their specification, with drawings and photos I am able to provide a detailed solution which meets and exceeds their requirements, ensuring that no detail is overlooked and all technical aspects are considered. During my time at Hydraflex I have worked on domestic and international projects, recently working on a 7 storey building where £12,000 worth of hoses were purchased. The engineer contacted me with his requirements and we manufactured ½” and ¾” insulated EPDM rubber hose assemblies for chilled and heating applications, which were completed with Tectite end fittings, Class O insulation and exported to Australia. 

It is an exciting time at Hydraflex with lots of opportunity for professional growth and development, with customers requiring complex solutions for building services, bespoke systems and medical environments. I look forward to continuing working as part of a closely knit team that are always happy to go the extra step to fulfil our clients’ full requirements.