Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan


2021 – Moved Hydraflex’s LPG production to its own dedicated site based in Rugby

2019 – Started my role with Hydraflex as Production Manager overseeing the LPG Production based in Northampton

2019 – Hydraflex Purchased the assets of Gamma Hose Ltd and formed their own division within the company

2018 – Returned back to Gamma Hose Ltd after being offered a promotion and running the LPG Production

2018 – Started a new role as an On Call Engineer for Mendahose Hydraulics based around the Midlands

2016 - Worked with Leicestershire Police Constabulary as a Special Constable, volunteering my time to help others

2016 – Became a foster parent for Leicestershire County Council under a Special Guardianship Order (SGO)

2011 –  First day in the hose industry, working for Gamma Hose Ltd as an operator to then being promoted shortly after to Production Manager, overseeing the Welding and Air Hose Division

I started my career in the hose industry back in 2011, at a local company; Gamma Hose Ltd. Shortly after joining Gamma I was made Production Manager of the Welding and Air Hose Division after showing my commitment and eagerness to learn

I managed the division for 7 years before I decided I needed to broaden my horizons and learn something new within the hose industry. This is where I became an on-call engineer for Mendahose Hydraulics. This showed me a different side of the industry as I was working in all different conditions. The job itself was challenging but I enjoyed it

Gamma Hose approached me with an offer to a promotion if I returned, there were a few conversations back-and-forth before deciding to return as the Manager of the LPG Division. Unfortunately, Gamma Hose went into administration in 2019, fortunately Hydraflex purchased the assets to open their very own division for LPG, Welding and Air Hose and after many talks and deliberation I decided to come onboard to help run the LPG production

This began the LPG production in 2019 and we have continued to deliver great service and commitment to all the previous customers, while creating new business that has been added along the way. In 2021, it got to a point where we needed our own dedicated space, so we decided to move this division to its own facility based in Rugby