Geoff Kelley

Commercial Director

2007 – Became Commercial Director of Hydraflex Plumbing and Cooling Division

2000 – Promoted to Sales Manager at Gatwick Hose Services

1994 – Moved to the South East and became a Sales Representative at Gatwick Hose Services

1983 – Began career in hoses with Blackwell Hydraulics in North Wales as a Sales Representative 

My role within the company has developed over the years from a simple sales role to my current position as Commercial Director of the Hydraflex Plumbing and Cooling Division at Rochester in Kent. While primarily a sale-based role I have picked up various bits of knowledge on products and more importantly from the industries I have supplied into which helps greatly with the customers I look after across the UK and Overseas in a diverse range of industries. Originally working at the Crawley branch concentrating on the fluid power customers I transferred across to the current division to concentrate on promoting that side of the business in the plumbing and heating markets to both resellers and manufactures where a braided hose is used.

The most successful product line for our OEM customers I have introduced is the DataCool Hoses that are used in hundreds of locations worldwide to convey water in a cooling system that is designed to reduce the carbon footprint in the industry. Using the transfer of water as a more effective cooling method than air, seeing year on year growth and reduction in environmental impact.