Manager Bellows Division

Kadir Okumus

Kadir Okumus

Manager Bellows Division

2022- Joined Hydraflex as Technical Engineering Manager to lead the project of establishing Bellows & Expansion joints division.

2021- Became an official PMP- Project Management Instituted-Pennsylvania.

2014-2021 Managed over 60 projects in Power Generation sector worth over 15M£ with major EPCs & ORCs like GE Power Conversion, MAN, Siemens, Ansaldo Boilers, SPG Dry cooling, Ormat Technologies, Exergy Srl, Honeywell, ENKA, Tekfen, İçtaş etc..

2018-Managed R&D projects for Nuclear Research and pharmaceutical industries.

2017-Became a member of CEN/TC 342/WG 2 working on project EN 14917 Metal bellows expansion joints for pressure applications.

2016-Identified as expert about metal hoses, bellows & expansion joints by CEN, SNV, DIN, ISO & TSE.

2015-Published Flexible Metal Hoses and Metal Expansion joints technical handbooks.

2014-Moved to Power Generation business and established Project Sales & Management department.

2013- Promoted to Expansion Joint Product owner and the head of design & costing team of bespoke expansion joints.

2011- Joined Ayvaz A.S as International Technical Sales & Marketing specialist.

2009- Completed MBA degree from University of Wales Institute Cardiff.

2006- Started technical carrier as Mechanical Design Engineer.

2005- Completed degree of Mechanical Engineering.

In 2011 I began my venture within the metal hose, bellows and expansion joints business, which saw led me to become an industry expert in the product design, cost reduction, project management and to key account management.

In 2013, I undertook the management of the engineering and cost preparation department and focused on design improvement; as well as the material procurement and the supplier optimisation. This resulted in lowering overall costs between 20%-50% of major products, covering the 80% of total turnover. Helping us to gain customers from new sectors like energy, railway, vacuum technologies and food & beverage. 

I Identified and implemented multiple process improvements to increase the efficiency of the project management team. Total annular turnover from projects was increased from 1,8M€ to 4,56M€ between 2014 & 2021. I have conducted over 30 technical seminars between 2015 & 2021 all around the world to train technical sales & engineering teams of the co-operators and customers.

As I joined Hydraflex in 2021, I played a key instrumental part to lead the project of building a new manufacturing metal expansion joints production facility to which I now manage.