OEM production Manager

Kyle Callaghan

Kyle Callaghan

OEM Production Manager

2022 – Promoted to OEM Production Manager for special projects

2022 – Started to weld for the new metal expansion joints division 

2021 – Began training as a production welder for the metal hose division

2020 – Started at Hydraquip in the Gas / Welding and Leisure production department 

In 2020 I began working for Hydraflex in the Gas/Welding department. I very quickly gained the experience of running production, control methods required, along with ensuring customer needs are met to the highest standards.

After around 1 year I had the opportunity to train as a trainee welder for the metal hose department which I thoroughly enjoyed and during this time I had the opportunity to gain inhouse welding knowledge along with a variety of welding courses which I attended and passed. This then gave me an additional opportunity to welding within the newly started Metal Expansion Joint Division.

2022 will present new challenges which I am eager to get stuck into. I will be responsible for running and further develop my skills of production management at our new OEM production facility, our second branch in Northampton which will focus soley on special projects.