Raf Sobstyl

Production Supervisor

2020 – Production Supervisor overseeing the production team at Hydraflex Plumbing and Cooling Division

2012 – Promoted to Assistant Supervisor at Hydraflex

2009 – After a year of getting to grips with the job I began operating the machinery, such as the automatic cutters and swagers

2008 – Joined Hydraflex as a Production Line Assembler

I started working at Hydraflex Plumbing & Cooling Hoses Division in 2008 where I spent the first six months of my role learning the very basics of braided hoses assembly for plumbing and cooling. Once I had mastered these basics, I was able to progress into other areas of production, the first being swaging hoses for our building services customers.

My constant desire to progress drove me to be able to use the wide variety of machinery at Hydraflex by 2012 and once I had proven my abilities to the Operations Director I was promoted to Assistant Supervisor. This progression in my role meant that the day-to-day activities developed from what I had been learning for the last four years. I was then able to use my previous experience to train in different areas of production, moving into quality control, ensuring that we were only sending the highest quality assemblies to our customers. This includes a visual check to ensure that both fittings are correctly secured and safe to leave the production line and is double checked by measuring the crimp to guarantee that this is within tolerance. Once the hoses have passed all stages of the quality check and been tested, if requested by the customer, they are packed and dispatched to our customers for next day delivery in the UK.

Having worked in this role for five years a vacancy opened for Production Supervisor, which I interviewed for with Duncan MacBain who saw my potential to progress someone from within the business and I secured the role, progressing my career further. This gave me the opportunity to learn how to use our CRM system to transfer stock between locations, book stock in and out and create invoices for each client. A large part of this role is to continue making sure that the correct stock is used for each job and updating the works orders to make sure our stock control is as accurate as possible. Since 2017 this role has developed into being fully responsible for the production team. Making sure that the team are well equipped to deal with the varying and ever-changing assemblies we are producing from OEM customers requirements to creating DataCool hoses for one of the many Data Centers across the world.