Tap Flexibles Braided Hoses, offered by Hydraflex, are designed to provide a reliable connection in plumbing for taps, sinks, and baths as a low pressure and temperature alternative to building services hoses. 

Construction and Compliance 

The construction of Tap Flexibles Braided Hoses includes a bore size ranging from 10mm to 13mm with various fitting types such as compressions, females, John Guest Pushfits, males and standpipes. Additionally, these hoses are offered in different configurations to suit varying connection requirements​. 

Benefits and Features

One of the major benefits of using Tap Flexibles Braided Hoses is their ready availability in assemblies for dispatch in box quantities next working day. Our range offers multiple specifications and lengths that are ready to make plumbing installation quick and easy. 

Availability and Customisation 

Tap Flexibles Braided Hoses are available in a variety of configurations to suit different connection requirements. Customisation options include a variety of fitting types and bore sizes. Furthermore, Hydraflex offers a range of flexible tap connectors and hose assemblies, ensuring that customers have a variety of options to choose from to meet their specific needs​.

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