Hydraflex have been supplying hose assemblies into the liquid cooling sector since 2010, long before the Data Center (DC) market accepted the principles and benefits of liquid cooling. The DataCool liquid cooling range is an ever-expanding portfolio of products as liquid cooling technology evolves. The current range contains bespoke flexible hose assemblies, stainless steel flexible hoses, CEJN quick release couplings along with modular stainless steel distribution manifolds.


Construction and Compliance

The construction of the DataCool range of products is in line with the current demands of the operation of liquid cooling systems, with products meeting or exceeding customer expectations. In addition to promoting existing technology Hydraflex can assist in the development of new bespoke items that are more compatible with the specific requirements of a system or piece of equipment.



The Hydraflex DataCool range are a collection of products primarily and specifically designed to be used Data Centers, especially in areas of liquid cooling but can be suitable for a number of industries with similar operation parameters.



The prime benefits of DataCool range:

  • Developed for liquid cooling applications in DC’s
  • On going development to meet industry requirements
  • Proven designs



The DataCool range of products have the ability to be modified to suit a customers specific application in order to provide them with the best solution to meet their needs. This can range from personalisation of items, bespoke combination of fittings or length to as simple as how the goods are packaged and delivered.

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