Hydraflex has teamed up with CEJN to offer a range of industry leading quick connect couplings that can be supplied assembled to DataCool silicone hoses or supplied as stand-alone components. The ultraFLOW range of couplings is a high-performance non-drip unit offering excellent flow and low pressure drop. Cejn ultraFLOW Couplings, offered by Hydraflex in the UK, address the rapidly increasing power density in modern systems that necessitates efficient cooling solutions to prevent overheating. Traditionally, air has been the go-to solution, but with evolving technology, liquid cooling has proven to be more efficacious​.​. Cejn Ultraflow Couplings are specifically engineered to cater to the liquid cooling requirements of various systems, making them a critical component for ensuring effective cooling and, consequently, optimal performance. 

Regardless of the preferred choice of liquid cooling solution, quick couplings play an important role to facilitate ease of maintenance and for the system to operate efficiently as possible.


Construction and Compliance

The materials employed in the construction of these couplings are of high-grade quality to ensure durability and effectiveness in their application. Specifically, the coupling and nipple material is hard anodized aluminium. The couplings are designed to withstand a maximum working pressure of 10 bar and have a minimum burst pressure of 40 bar. Furthermore, every assembly produced at Hydraflex undergoes a stringent visual inspection to ensure quality, with threaded connections listed in accordance with ISO Standards​.


Cejn Ultraflow Couplings are designed for a broad range of liquid cooling applications. They are particularly ideal for electronics liquid cooling and in semiconductor manufacturing processes where liquid cooling systems are integral. The couplings are designed to ensure a no-spill, high flow, and low-pressure drop, making them suitable for applications involving glycol-water, dielectric fluids, or mineral or synthetic heat transfer oil​.

Benefits and Features

The primary benefits and features of Cejn Ultraflow Couplings include their lightweight and compact design which promotes ease of installation and minimizes space usage. They are also renowned for their unequalled low pressure drop and high flow capacity, which are crucial for efficient liquid cooling. The flat-face design of these couplings guarantees no spill upon connection or disconnection, thereby enhancing safety and preventing potential damage or loss of fluids​.

Availability and Customisation

The Cejn Ultraflow Couplings are available in various configurations including a special version with threaded connection or double ferrule tube fittings, a screw-to-connect version, and a version now available in stainless steel, catering to different application needs​. For further customization or inquiries, contacting Hydraflex directly would provide more tailored information based on specific needs.

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