DataCool silicone hoses are the result of Hydraflex developing a unique and suitable product for a specific market sector in 2010, which had inherited off the shelf hoses as a solution up until then. DataCool hoses are manufactured in the UK from silicone rubber that offers users more beneficial features than a traditional black EPDM rubber hose can. The main feature of the Hydraflex DataCool hose is the flexibility it offers, setting it aside from other hoses. Tight bend radius,  plus both lateral and torsion flexibility removes the need for an additional swivel coupling in most applications, which in turn reduces the number of problematic potential leak points. The hoses are available in sizes DN06 to DN40 with a range of fittings to suit or it can be supplied as loose hose in small bore sizes.


Construction and Compliance


hoses involves a silicone liner, which is acknowledged for its superior performance compared to EPDM, particularly in extreme heat conditions. Additionally, silicone is considered a sterile elastomer, reducing the risk of leaching. The hose construction comprises:

  • Liner: Silicone – SAE J20
  • Reinforcement: 1 ply Polyester Mesh Fabric
  • Galvanised Wire: BS3516
  • End Connections: Nickel-plated brass (CW617N), Plain brass (CW617N), Steel or stainless steel (304)

In the event of a fire, while normal silicone rubber will burn, it does not release toxic gases, making it a safer alternative. Additionally, a fire-retardant version conforming to CEN/TS 45545-2-2009 standards is available on request​.

DataCool hoses by Hydraflex are constructed with a silicone liner, known for its superior elastomeric properties compared to EPDM, and its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. The hoses are reinforced with a 1-ply polyester mesh fabric and galvanized wire compliant with BS3516 standards. End connections are made of nickel-plated brass, plain brass, or stainless steel (304), providing a robust and leak-free connection. These hoses are capable of handling both positive and negative pressure systems, offering lateral and torsional flexibility, which is crucial when fitted to rear cooling doors​.



The DataCool hoses are engineered for applications in water-cooled data centres, aiding in efficient cooling solutions. They can be fitted into rear cooling doors, facilitating more movement than traditional hoses, including torsion twisting and normal linear flexing, thereby enhancing the cooling efficiency and operational flexibility within data centres​.

Benefits and Features

  • Longevity: The silicone construction ensures a longer life in service compared to EPDM hoses.
  • Temperature Resistance: DataCool hoses can operate within a wide temperature range of -55°C to +170°C.
  • Fire Safety: In the event of a fire, these hoses have a high ignition point of 450°C and do not emit toxic gases or halogens.
  • Colour Identification: Offered in red, blue and black covers for easy identification.
  • Customisation: Hose assemblies are 100% visually inspected, pressure tested and individually marked with unique traceable information as per customer specification​.

Availability and Customisation

DataCool hoses were initially available in DN20 (3/4”) & DN25 (1”) bore sizes, and the range has been extended to cover from DN06 (1/4”) up to DN32 (1 1/4”). Moreover, the hoses can be customised further with the addition of the CEJN ultraFLOW range of non-spill low pressure drop quick release couplings. Manufactured lengths range from 1 metre (minimum) up to 5.5 metres (maximum), subject to bore size, with longer assemblies available with a swaged joint incorporated between assemblies​.

This description offers a well-rounded understanding of DataCool Hoses by Hydraflex, encapsulating essential details about their construction, applications, and benefits tailored to meet the cooling requirements of modern data centres.

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