Axial Flanged Expansion Joints, particularly the AX.FS.16 model, from Hydraflex, are engineered to mitigate the effects of thermal expansion and vibration in connected pipelines. They are part of the broader range of expansion joints that cater to various industrial applications. These joints come with swivel flanges and are designed under the PN16 designation, indicating their pressure rating​.

Construction and Compliance

The construction entails integrated liners that reduce the contact between the fluid and the inner surface of the bellows, minimizing friction losses and ensuring a smooth flow of fluid. While the exact material specifications are not provided,products like the JP116VS Axial Expansion Joint from Stourflex or the AX.FS.C.L. supplied by Hydraflex are constructed with a stainless steel grade 304 internal flow sleeve as a standard, hinting at the industry-grade materials likely used by Hydraflex as well​.


These expansion joints find their utility in industrial settings where there's a need to absorb thermal expansion and vibrations in pipeline systems. They are a part of Hydraflex’s comprehensive metal hose and bellows solutions which serve a diverse range of customers both in the UK and overseas​.

Benefits and Features

The key benefits of using Hydraflex's Axial Flanged Expansion Joints include the absorption of thermal expansion and vibration, which in turn enhances the longevity and performance of the pipeline systems. The integrated liners are a notable feature that helps in reducing friction losses, promoting a smooth flow of fluid through the pipelines​1​.

Availability and Customisation

Hydraflex offers a spectrum of metallic hose assemblies which can be either stocked or made to measure. They also provide a variety of end connections including threaded males and females, fixed and swivel flanges, cam fittings, and adaptors, indicating a high degree of customisation to meet specific client requirements​.

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