Gimbal Expansion Joints, specifically Hydraflex's GB.FS type, are meticulously designed to facilitate angular rotation in any plane through two pairs of hinges attached to a common floating gimbal ring. These joints are tailored to manage the thrust generated due to pressure and external forces, enhancing the structural integrity of the system​.

Construction and Compliance

The GB.FS type joints exhibit a robust construction with a design pressure of 16 Bar and an operating temperature range of -10°C to +350°C. The construction comprises integrated liners that mitigate contact between the inner bellows surface and the fluid, ensuring reduced friction losses and a smooth flow. These stainless steel bellows are crafted in adherence to the EJMA coding system and the European Standard EN 14917:A1. Furthermore, the joints are finished with Nickel plated carbon steel, oval flanges (EN:1092/1-PN16 or BS4504-PN16) or a stainless steel flanged version for enhanced corrosion and temperature resistance up to 550°C​.


Gimbal Expansion Joints are instrumental in various domains including building services, HVAC-R piping systems, pump connections, vibration-producing systems, industrial processes, and steam & condensate pipelines. They find significant application in absorbing angular movement in exhaust steam pipelines within green energy power plants.

Benefits and Features

These joints offer several advantages such as a long service life, easy installation, and a maintenance-free design. The gimbal hardware is a noteworthy feature that enables swift determination of angular offset extent. Additionally, they require a minimal application area compared to pipe loops, translating to space efficiency.

Availability and Customisation

Hydraflex, being a leading manufacturer of metal hose assemblies in the UK, offers a range of Gimbal Expansion Joints. The joints are produced via fully penetrated TIG welding method according to Hydraflex’s approved WPSs. They are type approved by hydrostatic pressure tests at 1.5 times the design pressure, ensuring reliability and compliance with the PED 2014/68/EU approval. Material certificates according to EN 10204 are available for all sizes upon request, reflecting a degree of customisation in compliance and construction based on customer requirements.

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