Hinged Expansion Joints (EJs) are specialised mechanical devices that allow for angular movement in piping systems to accommodate thermal expansion, contraction, and other operational forces. Hydraflex, a leading manufacturer of metal hose assemblies in the UK, offers a range of hinged expansion joints tailored for different industrial applications. Their HN.FS type angular expansion joints are exemplary of their high-quality offerings in this category.

Construction and Compliance

The construction of Hydraflex's HN.FS hinged expansion joints comprises a single bellows design, with hinge plates and pins facilitating angular rotation solely in one plane. The hinges and pins are engineered to restrain the thrust from pressure and other forces. Stainless steel bellows, conforming to the EJMA coding system and European Standard EN 14917:A1, are incorporated, finished with Nickel-plated carbon steel or stainless steel flanges for enhanced corrosion resistance and temperature resilience up to 550°C. The construction ensures smooth fluid flow through integrated liners, minimising contact between the bellows' inner surface and the fluid​.


These hinged expansion joints are utilised in various applications including, but not limited to:

  • Building services and HVAC-R piping systems
  • Pump connections in systems that generate vibrations
  • Industrial processes
  • Steam and condensate pipelines​.

Benefits and Features

Some notable benefits and features of the HN.FS type hinged expansion joints include:

  • Long service life owing to robust construction.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance-free design.
  • Slotted hinges that continuously restrain the full bellows pressure thrust during normal operation while permitting only angular deflection.
  • Optimised application area compared to pipe loops​.

Availability and Customisation

The details regarding the availability and customisation options for Hydraflex's hinged expansion joints might require direct communication with Hydraflex. However, being a reputable manufacturer, Hydraflex likely offers a range of customisation options to meet the unique needs of different industrial applications.

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