ERV Rubber expansion joints are flexible connectors for the construction of pipe systems.
They relieve system strain by reducing vibration, noise and compensate static or dynamic movements caused by thermal change, load stress, pumping surges or construction settlement.
The flexible nature of the high-grade rubber can compensate for assembling inaccuracies (misalignment during installation) and can be used as pipe insert pieces to facilitate inspections.

Typical applications include, water heating and cooling, boiler plants and engine rooms, water treatment, marine, petrochemical, potable water and food processes.

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YELLOW BAND expansion joint for petroleum-based products up to 50 % aromatics, also town gas and natural gas, cooling water emulsions with corrosion preventing oil. Temperature range -20° C up to 90° C, temporarily up to 100° C. Lining NBR.

ERV-G Yellow Band Expansion Joints


RED BAND expansion joint for water, drinking water, waste-water, seawater, cooling water, chemical waste water (without oil), chemicals, acids and alkalis, salt solutions, alcohols. Temperature range-40° C up to 100° C, temporarily up to 120° C. Lining Butyl / EPDM
ERV-R Red Band Expansion Joints


GREEN BAND expansion joint for acids, alkalis, chemicals and aggressive chemical wastewater. Temperature range -20° C up to 100° C, temporarily up to 110° C. For oil contaminated compressor air up to 90° C. Lining CSM

ERV-GR Green Band Expansion Joints


ROTEX expansion joint for permanent service with heating water, cooling water and hot air (without oil). W.P. 10 bar up to 100° C, 6 bar up to 110° C. Temperature range -40° up to 130° C , temporarily up to 150° C. TÜV and DIN4809 approved for heating installations. Lining EPDM.

Rotex - Rubber Expansion Joints - Product Image