Vibration Absorbers - TIED / UNTIED Expansion Joints are specialised products designed to mitigate mechanical vibrations and reduce noise in connected pipelines associated with equipment such as pumps, compressors, and turbines​1​. Hydraflex offers a specific model known as VBT.FS.16-TIED Vibration Absorbers with PN16 Swivel Flanges under this category.

Construction and Compliance

These vibration absorbers incorporate metallic bellows and are constructed with a design focus to absorb vibration effectively. The flanged VBT type expansion joints have a higher pressure and temperature capacity compared to rubber bellows, showcasing their robust construction​1​. Hydraflex ensures that its products comply with high-quality standards, being manufactured in the UK, which may extend to the compliance standards for these vibration absorbers​4​.


Typical applications for Vibration Absorbers - TIED Expansion Joints include heating and ventilation systems, building services, gas, steam, vacuum, chemical, and petrochemical pipelines where they help in absorbing vibrations and reducing noise generated by the associated machinery​.

Benefits and Features

The benefits of using these vibration absorbers include effective vibration absorption, noise reduction, and enhanced system safety. The features include a higher pressure and temperature capacity compared to alternatives like rubber bellows, which indicate a superior performance in challenging operational environments​.

Availability and Customisation

Hydraflex, operating from multiple locations within the UK, offers both stock and made-to-measure metallic hose and bellow assemblies, hinting at a level of customisation available to meet specific customer requirements. End connections available include threaded males and females, fixed and swivel flanges, among others​.

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