Hydraflex's Catering Gas Hoses (BS669 Pt 2) cater to the gas supply needs of catering appliances. They are known as Caterhose and are specifically designed to be used with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd family gases. The hoses are part of Hydraflex's broader range, which includes other related products like Premier and Premier Plus Catering Gas Hoses, and the Catering Restraining Device​.

Construction and Compliance

The construction of these hoses comprises corrugated stainless steel encased in a yellow PVC cover. The specific type of stainless steel used is 316L, known for its superior corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. The hoses are fully welded to ensure a robust and reliable connection. A distinctive feature is the quick-release valved coupler that automatically cuts off the gas supply when disconnected. Compliance with industry standards is a priority; these hoses are fully tested and certified by the BSI (British Standards Institution) in accordance with BS 669 Part 2 : 1997. Additionally, the quick-release coupler must be installed following the standards set out in BS 6173 – 1990, especially on mobile catering units. A Catering Restraining Device is also supplied to ensure safe usage​.


The Catering Gas Hoses are ideal for mobile catering units and other catering appliances requiring a reliable and safe gas supply. They are designed to work seamlessly with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd family gases, making them versatile for different catering applications​.

Benefits and Features

Key benefits include the safety feature of the quick-release valved coupler and the robust construction that promises durability and reliability. The hoses also boast a high degree of flexibility and are designed to withstand the demands of busy catering environments. The additional overbraiding in the Premier Plus range offers extra mechanical strength​.

Availability and Customisation

The hoses are part of a broader range offered by Hydraflex, including the Premier and Premier Plus Catering Gas Hoses. The availability of different models caters to varying needs, offering options for added mechanical strength with the Premier Plus range. Hydraflex also provides a Catering Restraining Device for enhanced safety. For further customisation or information, contacting Hydraflex directly is recommended​.

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