Radiant Heater Assemblies offered by Hydraflex are specifically designed to cater to gas connections, providing an efficient medium for conveying gas to radiant and warm air heaters. They are crucial for the final connection to Gas Fired Radiant and Warm Air Heaters​.

Construction and Compliance

The construction involves a Stainless Steel 321 Annular Corrugated Hose accompanied by an external yellow cover. This design aims to mitigate possible vibrations, ensuring a high degree of flexibility which accommodates misalignment in pipework. The assemblies adhere to Section 9.5a of BS 6896:1991 standards and are manufactured in compliance with ISO 10380 – 2012. End connections typically feature a BSP swivel female terminated with a BSPP/BSPT Male/Male adaptor on one end, and a BSPT fixed Hex Male connection on the other. However, variations in end connections are available upon request. All Hydraflex Metal Hoses are produced using fully penetrated TIG welding method, tested thoroughly and exposed to hydrostatic pressure test at 1.5 times of the design pressure, ensuring utmost quality and adherence to PED 2014/68/EU approval and material certificates in line with EN 10204​.


Primarily, these assemblies are employed for gas connections facilitating the effective operation of Gas Fired Radiant and Warm Air Heaters​.

Benefits and Features

The unique construction of Hydraflex's Radiant Heater Assemblies allows for a substantial reduction in vibration and provides a notable degree of flexibility. This flexibility proves essential in accommodating misalignments within the pipework, thus promoting ease of installation and operational efficiency​.

Availability and Customisation

The detailed availability and customisation options can be explored further by contacting Hydraflex directly or visiting their shop page which showcases a range of Radiant Heater Assemblies alongside other products like Catering Gas Hoses, Annealed Gas Hoses, and Bespoke Hose Assemblies​. It's advisable to get in touch with Hydraflex for a more tailored solution concerning availability and customisation to suit specific requirements.

This description encapsulates essential aspects of Radiant Heater Assemblies offered by Hydraflex, shedding light on their construction, compliance to standards, applications, benefits, and features while providing a segue into further exploration of availability and customisation options.

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