Hydraflex offers a variety of products under its 'Gas Welding Leisure' category, catering to different needs in gas and welding applications. The products range from hoses suitable for various gases to hose reels and assemblies. The products under this category include Air Hose Rubber Alloy, Black Convoluted Hose, Boat Fuel Hose, BS3212/2 Assemblies, BS3212/1 Low Pressure Hose, BS3212/2 High Pressure Hose, Hose Reels, Layflat Hose, Stainless Steel Pigtail Assemblies, Pigtail Hose - EN16436-1, PVC Coils, Acetylene Welding Hose, Argon Welding Hose, Oxygen Welding Hose, Propane Welding Hose, Twin Oxy/Prop Welding Hose, and Twin Oxy/Acet Welding Hose​.

Construction and Compliance

These hoses are designed to withstand a temperature range of -30°C to +70°C. The hoses comply with various standards including IS03821 (Formerly EN559) for hose standards and approval, and BS EN 1256 for hose assembly standards. The safety check valves (HCV) conform to ISO5175 standards. The hose fittings and assemblies are usually made using brass parts and are held together by steel ferrules that are mechanically crimped​.


These products find applications in transporting different types of gases including inert gases like argon and carbon dioxide, as well as liquid gas (LPG), and for CNG, methylacetylene and propandiene mixes (MPS). They are also suitable for welding and cutting applications, especially the propane, acetylene, and argon welding hoses​.

Benefits and Features

The hoses from Hydraflex are known for their flexibility and durability, aiding in the safe transportation of gases. They offer options for fitted or unfitted assemblies, with fitted assemblies made using mainly brass parts, ensuring a secure connection. Customers also have the option to request for their own standard header card for packaging, indicating a level of customisation in the offerings.

Availability and Customisation

The products in the 'Gas Welding Leisure' category are available for purchase directly from Hydraflex in the UK. There's a degree of customisation available, as customers can request fitted or unfitted hose assemblies, and also have the option to request for specific hose fittings. Moreover, Hydraflex can offer customers their own standard header card for their packaging upon request.

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