Acetylene Welding Hoses by Hydraflex are engineered to facilitate the transportation of acetylene gas, a fundamental requirement for welding and cutting operations. These hoses are also suitable for the conveyance of other gases like hydrogen, coal gas, carbon dioxide, argon, and nitrogen specifically for welding and cutting purposes, although they are not suitable for LPG, MPS and CNG​.

Construction and Compliance:

This construction ensures durability, flexibility, and the ability to withstand a temperature range of -30°C to +70°C. The hoses comply with the ISO 3821:2019 standard (formerly EN 559:2003), and all hose assemblies are manufactured to the BS EN 1256 standard. Additionally, the hose fittings typically feature a left-hand thread, signified by a notch on the nut, which is fitted anti-clockwise, although other hose fittings are available upon request. Moreover, the hoses are assembled in the UK by an ISO9001 accredited company, showcasing a commitment to quality and standards compliance​.


Primarily used for welding and cutting operations, these hoses facilitate arc welding under protective gas and other related processes. They are versatile in handling a variety of gases essential for welding and cutting procedures, ensuring a reliable gas flow to the respective equipment​.

Benefits and Features:

The design of Hydraflex's Acetylene Welding Hoses incorporates weather and abrasion-resistant outer coatings, ensuring longevity and safety during use. They are reinforced with high tensile synthetic plies for pressurised delivery of welding gas, ensuring a reliable and steady gas flow, which is critical for achieving precise welding and cutting results​. Moreover, the hoses are available in different dimensions to cater to various operational needs, and they bear full BS Certification for quality assurance​.

Availability and Customisation:

Hydraflex offers the flexibility of acquiring these hoses either fitted or unfitted, and fitted assemblies are crafted mainly using brass parts held together by mechanically crimped steel ferrules. There's also the provision for customers to request their standard header card for packaging. The hoses are available in 40m lengths, and a smooth cover is available on request, allowing for a degree of customisation to meet specific customer requirements​.

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