Hydraflex's Boat Fuel Hoses are meticulously engineered to cater to the marine fuel transportation needs. They are primarily designed for private boats up to 24 metres, ensuring a secure conduit for petrol, diesel, and bio-diesel to the engine​1​. Other brands like Hydraflex also provide ISO 7840 approved hoses, designed to carry various types of fuel including diesel, biodiesel, and unleaded petrol​.

Construction and Compliance

Hydraflex's Boat Fuel Hose is a mandrel-built hose, encompassing a black smooth synthetic rubber interior and a self-extinguishing synthetic rubber cover which is resistant to abrasion, heat, oil, ozone, and the marine environment. A distinctive feature of Hydraflex's hose is its red line identifier. This hose complies with ISO 7840:2013 standards, showcasing its adherence to international quality and safety benchmarks​​. Similarly, the fuel hoses by Seaflow have strong reinforced rubber construction and are also manufactured to the ISO 7840 standard, ensuring a high level of quality and safety​​.


The primary application of Hydraflex's Boat Fuel Hose is to facilitate the conveyance of petrol, diesel oil, and bio-diesel to engines on private boats up to 24 metres. It's a critical component ensuring the smooth operation of marine engines by providing a reliable fuel supply​.

Benefits and Features

The Hydraflex Boat Fuel Hose boasts a range of benefits and features including its toughness, flexibility, good resistance to kinks and bends, and a temperature range of -15°C to +80°C. It is also RoHS compliant, signifying its eco-friendliness. Its construction ensures a clean, flexible, and user-friendly experience for the end-users​​.

Availability and Customisation

Hydraflex offers a broad spectrum of marine fuel hose and assemblies which can be customised to specific requirements or provided in standard lengths as per necessity. The availability of bespoke solutions showcases the flexibility and customer-centric approach of Hydraflex in catering to diverse marine fuel transportation needs​​. On the other hand, Seaflow offers pre-made fuel hoses in various lengths and also provides hoses sold per metre or per 10-metre coil, ensuring a wide range of options for different applications​.

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