Hydraflex offers a range of hose reels specifically designed to accommodate coiled hoses, facilitating organised storage and ease of use​. These hose reels are part of Hydraflex's broader range of products that cater to various industrial and commercial applications, including plumbing, cooling, and gas welding sectors​​.

Construction and Compliance

The hose reels provided by Hydraflex are characterised by their durability and lightweight design. They are structured to hold coiled hoses securely, with a clear wrap maintaining the arrangement while allowing visual identification of the attached hoses​​. Additionally, Hydraflex offers a range of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hose Series designed for more challenging installations and higher working pressure applications​.


Hydraflex's hose reels can serve a myriad of applications, most prominently in the plumbing, cooling, and gas welding sectors. They are tailored to assist in managing hoses in a way that ensures ease of deployment and retrieval, contributing to efficient operations across these sectors​​.

Benefits and Features

Key benefits of Hydraflex hose reels include:

  • Organised storage of coiled hoses, promoting a tidy and safe working environment.
  • Lightweight and durable construction, ensuring long-term service with minimal maintenance.
  • The clear wrap feature enables easy identification of hoses, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Customisation options for hose lengths and types, catering to specific customer requirements​​.

Availability and Customisation

Hydraflex accommodates requests for customising the hose lengths and types coiled onto the reels, showcasing a commitment to meeting diverse customer needs. Additionally, they offer next-day delivery on stocked items, ensuring prompt availability to meet urgent requirements​.

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