Hydraflex's Layflat products are designed as space-saving, easy-drain universal reinforced leisure hoses, primarily popular within the caravan and marine industries for water conveyance​. The Layflat range is part of a broader market of layflat hoses available in the UK, which also includes hoses suited for fire, pumping, high pressure, material handling, fuel, air, and water applications among others​​.

Construction and Compliance

Hydraflex's Layflat hose is constructed using a polyester fibre reinforcement and a modified high strength phthalate-free PVC coating, ensuring robustness and flexibility. It is designed for compact storage, easy draining, and is compatible with most leading brand garden fittings. Additionally, the hose is made from cadmium-free materials and is RoHS 3 compliant, adhering to safety and environmental standards​​.


The primary applications of the Layflat hose by Hydraflex are in the caravan and marine industries, where it's used for the conveyance of water. However, layflat hoses in the broader market are also suitable for a variety of other applications including fuel and oil transfer, material handling, and fluid conveyance and discharge at varying pressures, aligning with the needs of the irrigation and water supply sectors among others​​.

Benefits and Features

The Layflat hose by Hydraflex is highly flexible, lightweight, user-friendly, and easily drained, offering convenience and efficiency in usage. It also comes with deluxe quick-release fittings – a universal tap connector and an adjustable spray nozzle. Moreover, the product's silicone-free and cadmium-free materials alongside its RoHS 3 compliance highlight its eco-friendliness and safety​​.

Availability and Customisation

Hydraflex's Layflat hose is available in 20m and 15m coils (with cassette), as well as a 7.5m option without a cassette. It also provides an option for hose-only purchases. The hose comes in opaque blue colour, but other lengths and colours are available on request (supplied without cassette), providing a degree of customisation to meet various user needs​.

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