Hydraflex offer a wide range of industrial hoses in rubber and plastics for the conveyance of fluids and gases, where movement is required for clients coming from a wide cross section of industrial sectors.

Clients range from companies that require hose as part of their operational activity to OEMs that fit hoses to their own product.


Construction and Compliance

The construction of these hoses varies to cater to different industrial needs and individual customer requirements, from pure unreinforced tube to multi layer fully reinforced hose. 



The applications of Hydraflex's industrial hoses are diverse, including but not limited to heating, fan coils, chilled ceilings, Data Centres, and domestic plumbing. They also cater to bespoke hose assemblies for various OEM customers, providing a wide range of solutions for different industrial scenarios​​.

Benefits and Features

The hoses provided by Hydraflex are noted for their quality, with all hose assemblies being 100% visually inspected with further testing options available. They offer a wide variety of stock hose and fittings, indicating a flexibility in terms of the sizes and types of hoses available. Furthermore, their dedicated team of Technical Consultants is on hand to provide support on all inquiries, ensuring that the perfect specification is met for each customer​​.


Frequently industry sectors are forced in to accepting an off the shelf hose for an application that requires a little more than just a standard hose and that is where Hydraflex can assist. 

Close consultation with customers ensures that there is a full understanding between both parties of what is required and how it should perform in the customers environment. With this information the team from Hydraflex can assess the requirements and come up with an appropriate hose for the customer. 

Hydraflex have developed bespoke hoses for customers who had tried off the shelf options, only to find they weren’t suitable for their application. These hoses, have in some cases, become the leaders in their specific field with recognition beyond that of the initial customer. 

One such development is the Hydraflex DataCool silicone hose which had several objectives to overcome and achieved them with ease.

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