Hydraflex offers a diverse range of rubber and plastic hoses suitable for both internal and external fitment. These hoses are designed to cater to various industrial applications, ensuring a balance between durability, flexibility, and chemical resistance​.

Construction and Compliance

The construction of these hoses includes materials like EPDM, NBR, silicone, nylon, polyethylene, polyurethane, and PTFE, with the availability of bespoke compounds upon request where standard tubes may not suffice. They are manufactured in adherence to prevailing industrial standards, ensuring a high degree of compliance with regulations like EN-12115 and FDA standards for chemical hoses. The hoses may have liners of different materials, reinforced with either synthetic, metallic, or plastic braids, and covered with a smooth, black, non-marking CR rubber that is weather and abrasive resistant​​.


Rubber and plastic lined hoses from Hydraflex are versatile, catering to a wide range of industrial applications across many sectors of industry and manufacturing including OEM applications. Subject to correct chemical resistance, these hoses can be used for the conveyance of liquids or even be totally submerged in them. They are also suitable for environments requiring a good degree of flexibility and resistance to adverse conditions​​.

Benefits and Features

The hoses offer numerous benefits including a vast array of plastic tube compounds designed for either chemical resistance or hardness. They exhibit good water/glycol resistance, flexibility, and positive pressure handling capabilities. The hoses are capable of operating in a wide temperature range, showcasing resistance to ozone and the flexibility to accommodate rear door fit-swivels if required​​.

Availability and Customisation

Hydraflex can provide these hoses as finished assemblies with factory-fitted end connections or as coils of hose or pre cut length of hose, giving customers the flexibility to choose based on their specific needs. Furthermore, bespoke hose solutions in rubbers and plastics are offered, to provide a unique hose solution that meets the criteria set down by a specific application​​.

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