Hydraflex is the UK's leading manufacturer of metal hose assemblies, offering both stock and made-to-measure metallic hose and bellows assemblies to a diverse range of customers within the UK and overseas. Their bespoke metal hoses are designed for specific applications and are available in a range from 1/4" to 12" from stock with sizes up to 16” available. End connections to suit individual requirements​​.

Construction and Compliance

Hydraflex's metal hoses are meticulously manufactured to ensure high quality. They offer both standard and bespoke metal hose assemblies. Their stainless-steel hoses are manufactured in compliance with ISO 10380:2012 standards, reflecting a commitment to quality and international standards . They also showcase their expertise in TIG welding methods in producing these hoses​​. Various types of end fittings are available, including BSPT/NPT Hex Fixed Male Connections, Flanged Connections (Fixed and Swivel), Tube End Connections, and Victaulic Grooved connections among others


Typical applications of Hydraflex’s metal hoses include heating and ventilation, building services, gas, steam, vacuum, chemical and petrochemical processes. They are also suitable for applications involving vibrations, misalignment on pipework, movements, and pipe expansions. Additionally, they can be used in HVAC-R Piping Lines, Pump Connections, Vibration Producing Systems, Industrial Process & Applications, Steam connections, Chemical Process, Gas Connections, Ultra-High Vacuum applications, and Exhaust systems​​.

Benefits and Features

The construction and compliance to high standards ensure that Hydraflex’s metal hoses are of top quality, capable of handling extreme working parameters, and temperatures ranging between -269°C and +600°C. The hoses are also 100% pressure tested to a minimum hydrostatic pressure test of 1.5 times of the design pressure, ensuring reliability and safety in operation. The various types of end fittings available offer flexibility and ease in installation, catering to different application requirements. Furthermore, the hoses provide solutions for absorbing heat expansion, angular movements, oscillations, and eliminating vibrations in piping systems​​.


Availability and Customisation

Hydraflex operates from multiple locations within the UK, each dedicated to manufacturing, thus ensuring the availability of products. They offer both stock and made-to-measure metallic hose and bellows assemblies, showcasing a high degree of customisation to meet specific client needs. Their range also extends to bespoke hose, fittings, and bellows designed for particular applications. Additionally, they provide immediate despatch of assemblies from their off-the-shelf standard range for urgent requirements​​.

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