Hydraflex's Petro Chemical Metal Hose range comprises assemblies designed for facilitating the connection of Petro Chemical piping lines. These assemblies assist in installation, accommodate pipework misalignments, reduce vibrations, and manage lateral movements within the piping system​​.

Construction and Compliance

The construction features a Stainless Steel 316L hose and a Stainless Steel AISI 304/304L braid. The hoses can operate in a temperature range of -269°C to +600°C, and come in sizes ranging from ¼” NB to 16” NB. Compliance is maintained through fully penetrated TIG welding method adhering to Hydraflex’s approved weld procedures. Each unit is 100% pressure tested to a minimum hydrostatic pressure test of 1.5 times the design pressure. Additionally, PED 2014/68/EU approval and material certificates to EN 10204 are available for all sizes​​.


These hose assemblies find applications across various domains including:

  • Building Services
  • HVAC-R Piping Lines
  • Pump Connections
  • Vibration Producing Systems
  • Industrial Process & Applications
  • Steam connections
  • Chemical Process
  • Gas Connections
  • Ultra-High Vacuum applications
  • Exhaust systems​​.

Benefits and Features

The key benefits of Hydraflex Petro Chemical Metal Hose assemblies include assisting in pipework installation, reducing pipework vibrations, and accommodating pipework misalignments. The hoses are available as unbraided, or covered with single or double stainless steel external wire braid to increase working pressure. The product range also includes A200 & A700 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hose Series designed for more arduous installations and higher working pressure applications​​.

Availability and Customisation

Hydraflex offers a variety of end fittings in materials like Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, including:

  • BSPT / NPT Hex Fixed Male Connections
  • BSPT / NPT Weld Nipple Connections
  • BSP Cone Seat Swivel Unions
  • BSP Full Male Union
  • BSP Full Female Union
  • Flanged Connections (Fixed and Swivel)
  • Tube End Connections
  • Victaulic Grooved connections

These fittings can be supplied in 45 Degree (135) or 90 Degree Configuration. The hoses are offered both as stock items and made-to-measure metallic hose and bellows assemblies, showcasing a high level of customisation to meet the varying needs of customers​​.

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