PN16 Flanges are high-quality fittings designed primarily for connecting metal hoses and ensuring a robust and secure linkage. These flanges are part of Hydraflex's extensive range of products that serve a multitude of industries across the UK​​.

Construction and Compliance

The construction of the PN16 Flanges entails the use of high-grade Stainless Steel 316, known for its excellent corrosion resistance. The Flange PN16/3, for instance, is a BS4504 RF Slip-on type constructed from ST/ST 304 Stainless Steel, showcasing superior machined fittings tailored to suit metal hoses. The manufacturing process involves fully penetrated TIG welding to Hydraflex's approved weld procedures, ensuring a high standard of quality and durability. All units are 100% pressure tested to a minimum hydrostatic pressure of 1.5 times the design pressure, conforming to PED 2014/68/EU approval standards. Material certificates to EN 10204 are available for all sizes, demonstrating the product's compliance with established industry standards​​.


PN16 Flanges are integral components in creating secure connections in metal hose assemblies, facilitating the effective conveyance of gases and liquids in various industrial applications. They are particularly useful in setups requiring high corrosion resistance and reliable performance under varying temperature and pressure conditions. Additionally, the flanges find applications in plumbing, cooling systems, and are used in conjunction with expansion joints to manage thermal movements and vibrations in piping systems​​.

Benefits and Features

The primary benefits of utilizing PN16 Flanges from Hydraflex include enhanced corrosion resistance, reliable performance, and a high degree of customizability to suit different hose sizes and operational requirements. The meticulous manufacturing and testing process ensures each flange adheres to the highest quality standards, providing a durable and reliable solution for diverse industrial applications.

Availability and Customisation

Hydraflex offers a range of PN16 Flanges and related products catering to different industrial needs. The availability of material certificates and compliance with industry standards like PED 2014/68/EU and EN 10204 ensures customers receive products of verified quality and performance. Moreover, Hydraflex's established presence in the UK market, along with their capacity for custom solutions, allows for a high degree of customisation to meet specific operational requirements.

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