Hydraflex specialises in providing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products, predominantly in the domain of hose assemblies and related components. Their offerings encompass a broad spectrum of products such as braided hoses, multi-component kits, valves, manifolds, bespoke hose assemblies, quick release couplings, plugs, push fit collet kits, and more.

Construction and Compliance

The construction quality of Hydraflex's OEM products adheres to high industry standards. For instance, their bespoke stainless steel hoses are manufactured in compliance with ISO 10380:2012. Additionally, the Hydraflex PTFE smooth bore hose is manufactured from Teflon/PTFE without the inclusion of any pigments or additives, ensuring a high degree of purity and performance. The wire braiding, available in 1 or 2 wire configurations, is produced from AISI 304/S15 or BS970-1 1996 quality hard drawn tensile stainless steel​.


Hydraflex's OEM products find applications across a myriad of industries including building services, heating and ventilation, and more. The metal hoses and bellows, for instance, are employed in diverse applications such as heating and ventilation systems among others​.

Benefits and Features

The OEM products offered by Hydraflex stand out for their quality and the value they bring to various commercial and industrial applications. They are designed to meet the specific needs of distributors and OEM customers in the building service industry, aiding in enhancing operational efficiencies and ensuring reliable performance​

Availability and Customisation

Hydraflex's range of OEM products is personalised for each customer with a sample overview of  products shown on their website, where customers can explore various products and their specifications. Additionally, Hydraflex showcases a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its clientele by offering customised solutions, as seen in their bespoke hose assemblies that are tailored to meet specific requirements​​.OEM kits can include a single item or can comprise of multiple items to assist in the reduction of cost and time for the client’s production process.

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