Hydraflex is a premier provider of OEM products, including an extensive range of quick release couplings and plugs designed for a variety of applications. These components are engineered to facilitate swift and secure connections in fluid and air transfer systems. The quick release couplings and plugs by Hydraflex are crafted to meet the rigorous demands of the industry, ensuring reliability and efficiency in every operation.

Construction and Compliance

The quick release couplings and plugs from Hydraflex are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and optimal performance. The selection includes products made from metals and composites that withstand different environmental conditions and media types. All products comply with relevant British and European standards, ensuring that they meet the highest levels of quality and safety required in the industry.


Hydraflex's quick release couplings and plugs are versatile and can be used across various sectors including Liquid Cooling systems, Data Centers, Building Services (M&E), Plumbing, Heating, Catering, Vending, and more. They are particularly suited for water applications, providing a reliable solution for both static and dynamic systems. The adaptability of these components makes them an ideal choice for OEM requirements where precision and reliability are paramount with the option of bespoke designs available too.

Benefits and Features

The benefits of using Hydraflex's range of quick release couplings and plugs include their ease of use, which allows for quick and tool-free connections and disconnections, enhancing productivity. The design range from full flow, where no reduction is critical with minimal pressure drops and fluid turbulence to double shut-off units which ensures that there is no-spill during disconnection, preserving system integrity and safety.

Availability and Customisation

Hydraflex offers a wide range of standard quick release couplings and plugs, readily available for various applications. In addition to the standard range, Hydraflex provides customisation options to meet specific customer requirements. This bespoke service ensures that clients receive components that are tailored to their unique system needs, with the assurance of Hydraflex's quality and performance.

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