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ERV-R Red Band Expansion Joints With Thread Connections


Expansion joints with thread connections are available for all ERV types in the following versions: AG/AG (male thread connection on both sides), IG/IG (female thread connection on both sides) and AG/IG (male thread connection on one side and female thread connection on the other side). Special connections can be designed and manufactured on request. Suitable welding ends are not available in the parts inventory. Max. working pressure 16 bar


Rubber bellows with rear bellows mount (1) and union nut (2) to receive the thread steel (SS) or brass (Ms). Thread to EN 10226-1. connections (3), as female or male thread fitting.


  • Zinc Plated Steel (St),
  • Stainless Steel or Brass (Ms).
  • Thread to EN 10226-1.


Red Band Union Threaded Bellows Male and Female Specification


Application: in piping with thread connections, e.g. building services.

Installation note: Expansion joints must not be subjected to torsional stress during installation and operation.

  1. When installing, first screw both thread connections (3) to pipeline.
  2. Make sure that union nuts (2) are always installed together with thread connections.
  3. Then place bellows with rear bellows mounts (1) between thread connections (3) and screw together with union nuts (2). While doing so, hold the bellows against the rear bellows mounts with a suitable open-end wrench to prevent torsion.

Attention: inner surfaces (A) of rear bellows mounts (1) and union nuts (2) must be congruent.

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